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I provide solutions for technology in K–12 education via training, speaking, and subject matter expert consulting. I would love to work with your teachers, speak at your event, or help with your EdTech product.


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Customized Hands-On Training and Instructional Coaching

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Speaking Engagements

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Training Solutions, K–12 Subject Matter Expert Product Feedback, and Other Partnership Opportunities


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Areas of Expertise

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Personalized Learning


Maker Learning

STEM/STEAM Initiatives

SAMR Model

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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Accessibility Tools and Best Practices
Asynchronous Learning
Automating Feedback
Choice Boards
Creating with Tech
Digital Collaboration
Digital Portfolios
Digital Storytelling
Escape Rooms
Formative Assessment
Game-Based Learning
Genius Hour
Increasing Student Agency
Agnostic Interactive Whiteboard Activities
Physical Computing
Self-Paced Lessons
Student Engagement Strategies
Synchronous Learning
Video Creation
Virtual Tours

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Google Workspace for Education: Classroom, Docs, Slides, Sheets, Forms, Jamboard, Meet, Drawing, Sites, etc.
Microsoft 365 Education: Teams, OneNote, Learning Tools, Office, Stream, Forms, Sway, Whiteboard, etc.
AI-based technologies: ChatGPT, text to image tools, etc.

Device hardware and OS: Chromebooks, Windows, iPads, Sprout Pro by HP
Game-Based Learning: Minecraft: Education Edition
AR/VR: zSpace, Lenovo VR Classroom
Maker Learning: Sphero, Raspberry Pi, E-Textiles, Tinkercad
Collaborative Tools: Padlet, Flip
Creation: Canva, Book Creator
Formative Assessment Tools: Kahoot, Quizizz, Blooket, Gimkit
Video Creation: Screencastify, Screencast-o-matic, WeVideo, Powtoon

3D Printing

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How to Work with Lindy

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For Schools and Teachers

School Break

Are you looking for teacher training to navigate big change in
your school? 

Experienced Trainer

I am a how-to trainer. I know how to connect with teachers and target their learning needs via hands-on training. When it comes to teacher professional development, one size does not fit all, so training is customized to your unique needs and learning goals. 

I have led over 600 hands-on trainings for over 16,000 educators in 38 states and seven countries via face-to-face, blended, and virtual formats. I have worked with public, private, and charter schools. I am also trained in the Jim Knight instructional coaching model and am a Google Certified Coach Mentor. I can provide one-on-one support and mentoring to assist with technology integration. 

Lindy facilitating a Minecraft Education training.
Working with the Best
Chicago Public Schools
Miami-Dade County Public Schools
Los Angeles Unified: Ready for the World
Prince George County Public Schools
Nassau BOCES
Vancouver Public Schools

“Lindy is amazing! Lindy has been one of our Collaborators for many years now and has proven herself to be one of our most indispensable trainers. Lindy can learn and teach anything . . . ANYTHING. She is detailed, organized and always thinks bigger than the challenge.”

- Alex Inman, Educational Collaborators

“We used the e-textile information from Lindy Hockenbary's presentation last summer and sewed LED sequins and battery packs into our monsters so their eyes, teeth etc. would light up. So awesome! THEN the 7th graders wrote poems, recorded them on Flipgrid and downloaded QR codes that were then attached to the monster. The kids were SO excited (high school & elementary). It was such a fun STEAM project. Thanks for some great training Lindy Hockenbary!”

- Kim Knoche, Family and Consumer Sciences, Forsyth High School, Montana

Lindy was amazing. She listened and understood what I wanted to accomplish with VR in my classroom and she tailored our session to my needs. She clearly researched and thought about the best practices and applications for the devices and my needs. I feel so much more confident moving forward. I'm incredibly grateful to her!

- Candace Plaisance, AP History, Houston High School, Germantown Municipal School District

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For Event Organizers

Lindy presenting on Hapara at the ISTE conference

Are you looking for a keynote or featured speaker for your event?  

Engaging Speaker

Educators want to hear from fellow educators. Not only am I an educator of more than 15 years, but I am also an engaging presenter with loads of public speaking experience.

I have been a featured speaker at over 50 conferences and 60 events. I would love to speak at your event. Not only can I motivate and inspire, but I also bring my training experience to provide participants with loads of tips, strategies, and resources.

“Thank you. This is a great way to start our school year and be excited about what we teach and how we teach. Lindy is such a great teacher.”

- Teacher, Sweet Grass County High School, Montana

“Lindy, you have a great presentation voice and pace. Thank you for your patience with our diverse group!”

- Teacher, Montana School for the Deaf and Blind

“Lindy was an excellent and entertaining speaker who effectively explained concepts.” 

- Teacher, Big Sandy Public Schools, Montana

“Lindy was able to be animated and hold everyone's attention in addition to engaging them.”

- Teacher, Big Sandy Public Schools, Montana

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For Technology Companies

Lindy at a zSpace event

Do you want a product that sells itself because it solves the needs and challenges of educators?

Do you want to provide effective teacher training to ensure product retention?

Trusted SME

I have worked with over 50 technology companies and educational organizations to provide training solutions and consultation as a K–12 subject matter expert (SME).

If you are developing a technology solution for the education market, you must seek the advice of educators. I know the educational technology market in and out. I can act as your SME for product design. I can tell you what is missing and what educators need.

Lindy attending training at the Microsoft campus.
Working with the Best
Google for Education
Educational Collaborators
EdTech Teacher

“I've had the pleasure of collaborating with Lindy for the past 5 years now, and she never fails to impress. She is extremely knowledgeable in the ed tech space and continuously explores new ways to do things differently, and more efficiently. With educator and student interests always at the forefront, Lindy consistently explores technology and processes from their viewpoint. Her extremely well thought out trainings are highly engaging and she has a way of making some of the more complex topics easy to understand. Every district, school or educational institute she trains for has nothing less than outstanding things to say about her courses. Without a doubt, any organization would greatly benefit from her educational technology knowledge and consulting.”

- Kristi Schuda, Partner Marketing & Project Manager - Education K-12 (CDW) at Microsoft

“Lindy was a huge help in growing our HP immersive education technologies like Sprout Pro. She developed curriculum for cutting-edge technologies like 3D scan, digital inking, and augmented reality. She trained educators and students to succeed with STEM tech at in-person trainings of 30+, and also lead out at conferences in booths and event presentations. She is smart, accountable, and passionate about education. I highly recommend her for any education consulting, training, and personalized training needs!”

- Jessica Cespedes, HP

"Lindy is a joy to work with. We worked together at Hāpara where Lindy not just managed, but also instructionally designed training programs to meet the needs of both the company, the educators, and students using Hapara tools . Her experience of working with thousands of educators contributed greatly to these programs, along with understanding what the company needed out of this implementation. Lindy is more than a trainer. I highly recommend Lindy to other companies that are looking for authentic application of their solutions in classrooms and product usability feedback."

- Robin Poncia, VP of Marketing and Customer Engagement, Hāpara 

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