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I never planned to write a book, but when the world turned upside down in early 2020, I became the go-to person for everything virtual learning. I began to write and A Teacher's Guide to Online Learning was born.

A Teacher's Guide to Online Learning

Practical Strategies to Improve K-12 Student Engagement in Virtual Learning

A Teacher's Guide to Online Learning book

Online learning is different than face-to-face learning. Let's not sugarcoat that.

Are you a K-12 educator who is teaching students over the internet with no face-to-face interaction? Online learning does present new challenges, but it can be really great for both student and teacher! Author Lindy Hockenbary tackles the most common questions of new online instructors, including:

  • How do you engage learners in a virtual environment?

  • ​How do you develop relationships with students whom you never see in person?

  • What does classroom management even look like in an online class?

  • How do you assess students when there is no way to know if they are looking up all the answers?

  • How do you ensure clear communication since you cannot stand over a learner's shoulder and ensure a task is accomplished?

  • How do you communicate with and support the families of online learners?

  • How do you ensure equity when students are never in the same physical space?


A Teacher's Guide to Online Learning addresses each of these questions head-on by presenting key takeaways to guide virtual learning design. Lindy brings her experience as a classroom teacher and instructional technologist to focus on the how-tos of remote learning. When it comes to educational technology, her motto is "use the tool that is right for the job." Every online teacher has to find what works best for their unique mix of teaching style, content area, learner demographics, individual learner personalities, and access to digital instructional tools. To provide a well-rounded perspective on the topic of online learning, other classroom teachers, school leaders, and instructional technologists have contributed to the book as well.

Are you a face-to-face teacher looking for guidance with digital learning? In addition to providing guidance for online learning, this book is a two-for-one that provides a framework for building a strong foundation to ensure success of technology as an instructional tool. 

"Lindy Hockenbary's book, "A Teacher's Guide to Online Learning," is a must read for anyone involved with today's innovations for leveraging technology to meet the needs of every learner. The transition to digital teaching and learning is doable when those involved are equipped with the strategies and skill sets to be successful. Lindy's book provides practical solutions to assure that teachers and students (as well as students' families and adult caregivers) have the know-how to maximize online learning opportunities." Ann McMullan, Education Leadership Consultant and Author of " Life Lessons in Leadership: The Way of Wallaby" 

This book was designed with K-12 teachers in mind, but the majority of information can be applied to higher education/postsecondary learning environments as well.

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A Teacher's Guide to Online Learning

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This resource identifies eight specific foundational elements that are critical to the success of virtual learning, yet are often neglected in the planning and implementation of virtual learning initiatives.

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A Teacher's Guide to Online Learning book


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What is Being Said About the Book

"A Teacher's Guide to Online Learning looks at all of the elements of online learning and provides insight for teachers that are looking to design the best online learning possible. Online learning will continue to grow as a part of K–12, and this book can help educators prepare and provide excellent instruction."

—  Dr. Robert Dillon, School Designer at Sustainable Education Solutions, Author of "The Space: A Guide for Educators"

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