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Authentic Learning Idea: What If Every Student Could Be a Published Author?

Updated: May 18

As a teacher, I was always looking for authentic learning ideas. However, authentic learning was not always easy or feasible in a formal educational environment, so I was always looking for simple ideas.

What if I told you that turning every student into a published author is not only feasible, but also easy?

In a matter of minutes, anyone can publish a book to Amazon for free.

It’s true, and completely possible using Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP).

What is Authentic Learning?

According to the Education Glossary, authentic learning connects what students are learning with the real world. This could include real-world issues, problems, and applications. Authentic learning provides context to learning outcomes for students.

Examples of authentic learning include:

  • Students create a public service announcement (PSA) and post their PSA to the school’s social media outlets.

  • Students create solutions for getting fresh drinking water to a remote school.

  • Students run a school store for their entrepreneurship class.

  • Students prepare a meal for a school fundraiser.

  • Students plant a garden to learn about photosynthesis, plant science, and soil composition.

A school garden is an example of authentic learning.

Why Published Authors for Authentic Learning?

Publishing your work is one of the most authentic learning experiences one can have. I always think of spiral-bound books. Schools have been sending home these spiral-bound books for decades. Move the spiral-bound book into the 21st century with a professionally printed book!

Move your classroom or school from spiral-bound books to professionally published books.

Book publishing offers a host of authentic learning opportunities for educators. Students could publish:</