Instructional Technology Training

We specialize in training to help teachers integrate technology into classroom instruction. We also work with people to assist with the use of technology to increase productivity and organize work and personal lives. 

Our training is designed and delivered by educators. We believe in a "one size does not fit all" philosophy, so training is customized to the unique needs of each organization or client. No packaged training! Our organization is powered by people driven by a passion for education, so our training is also very cost-effective.

Professional Development Planning

We can assist with your professional development efforts by helping you make a plan, find trainers, develop a train the trainer model and more. 

We specialize in alternative training design including face-to-face, online, and blended training models. We will find what fits best for your topics, schedule, and budget.

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Instructional Coaching

Trained in the Jim Knight Instructional Coaching Model, we can provide one-on-one support and mentoring to teachers to assist with technology integration. 

This can be accomplished face-to-face, virtually via the use of video conferencing and other technologies, or blended.

Strategic Planning for School Technology Initiatives

Planning for school initiatives can save valuable resources. We can assist on both small and large scale planning from helping you choose devices that best reach curricular goals to conducting needs assessments. 

We partner with other educators, IT professionals, and local and national businesses to bring you the expertise you need for a successful technology initiative.

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Education Event Planning

Let us help plan your next eduction event. We can handle anything small or big from organizing trainers to negotiating location contracts.